Duovac UK Central Vacuum System

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Installing a DuoVac Central Vacuum System is Easy!



The installation of a DUOVAC central vacuum system is easier and less expensive than you think. DUOVAC systems can be installed in new builds, renovations and conversions, and also in existing buildings. The vacuum unit is wall mounted in a location such as a basement, cellar, garage, utility room or loft. It is connected to a standard 13 amp electric socket. Ducting is concealed behind the walls, in cupboards, or under the floors and only the wall inlets are visible. Due to the quality of the filter DUOVAC systems do not require exhausting to the outside.

Self Installation

For DIY installations we provide you with easy to follow instructions.

The first step is to choose the location of the vacuum power unit and wall inlets. Generally we recommend the vacuum power unit is installed in a garage, basement or utility room. This permits the machine to be out of the way helping to reduce any noise.
The next step is to find the shortest or easiest route between the vacuum power unit and the wall inlets in order to install the ducting. It is often best to follow existing installations for plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electrical wiring and take advantage of access through floors and walls that is already available. With good planning, it is possible to avoid messy jobs such as drilling through floors or opening walls to install ducting in an existing home.